Art Studio - Port Issac

The brief given by our client was to produce a fantastic working space that utilised as much natural light as possible in order for the artist to work in a relaxed climate.

We initially needed to locate the studio in a position to gain as much natural light whilst taking advantage of the spectacular rural views close to Port Issac.

The studio is designed and built to exacting standards which incorporate the latest building regulation requirements which allow the building to breath in summer and maintain a good constant heat in winter. 

The project encompassed all our skills, from design and construction which included electrical and water supply. The studio was plastered internally to allow white paint to be used to reflect light and to allow the colour pallet of the artist to be effectively used. 

The external choice to stain the studio with a sympathetic grey neutral tone was a great choice by our client - it really works with the outside environment and sits well in our clients garden.