Established in 2012 Iglu first entered the market of selling kiln dried hardwood due to the demand for the requirement for a reliable, trustworthy company that could sell 'DRY' affordable firewood.    

Our research into providing the ultimate solution for the primary fuel for wood burners and fires resulted in the company to provide and sell just the one type of fuel - KILN DRIED HARDWOOD - Ash, Birch and Oak being the best varieties.

Softwood and certain types of hardwood burn far quicker than Hardwood which can set a false economy so you need to be aware on how best to spend your money in order to give you a return.

DO NOT fall into the trap of seeing nets of softwood being sold slightly cheaper than our branded Kiln Dried Hardwood - You will end up paying more in the long term as the softwood will burn nearly twice as quick. 

For the past six years IGLU has set new standards and bought in new innovative ideas to the science behind firewood and how best to use it. Specialising in Kiln Dried Hardwood for multi-fuel and wood burning stoves, Iglu is now one of Cornwall's largest Firewood supplier. We believe the quality of our fuel is unbeatable for both efficiency and price in Cornwall and Devon with FREE DELIVERY on all products. With guaranteed moisture content <18% you can be sure that our kiln dried hardwood will burn slower at a higher temperature.

We monitor our prices daily in order to be the southwest premiere supplier of quality & affordable fuels.