Welcome to Cornwall Firewood


Due to our continued success we have now changed our name to 'The Cornwall Firewood Company'. This allows us to be more competitive in the market whilst still being closely linked to our parent company - 'Iglu'

Established in 2012, Cornwall Firewood first entered the market of selling kiln dried hardwood due to the demand for the requirement of a reliable, trustworthy company that could sell 'DRY' affordable firewood. 

Our research into providing the ultimate solution for the primary fuel for Wood Burners and Open fires resulted in the company to provide and sell just the one type of fuel - KILN DRIED HARDWOOD - Ash, Silver Birch and Oak being the best varieties. 

Softwood burns far quicker than Hardwood which can set a false economy so you need to be aware on how best to spend your money in order to give you a return.