The perfect and original Fire Starter - Ideal when used with our Fire Lighters. 

Recommended Use: 

Place around 5 pieces of kindling on the bottom of your fire grate in a parallel position about 2cm apart. Then place 1 to 2 fire lighters on top of these sticks. Place another 5 sticks at 90 degrees to the bottom row and then repeat this process for another row. Using a long match to avoid getting burnt light the fire Lighters and then close the door with the air vents in the open position.

CONTENTS:            Kiln Dried Softwood

SPECIES:                 Spruce - Larch

MOISTURE:            LESS THAN 12%

LOG SIZE:               20cm (8") standard length -          Tolerance +/- 10%

NET CAPACITY:      25 Litres (Loose fill) 

MINIBAG CAP:       175 Litres (Loose fill)

BRASH CONT:        Max. 2% per bag  (brash constitutes bark and smaller pieces)

LEAD TIME:             On average 48hrs - Same day if required with prior notice